Complex Researcher Data Collection, Simplified

Collecting and maintaining information on research personnel is difficult. It requires time and energy that administrations seldom have the time for. Research Logix provides the tools needed to eliminate manual processes and improves efficiency and accuracy in data collection for investigators and students in the scientific research field.

Data Collection, Curation, & Management

Our platform provides several utilities to easily acquire and curate data for your reporting and analysis needs. Below are just a few areas of focus that have benefited our clients.

Our Community is Growing

Our community of users are continuing to grow. Here are some of our happy clients.

Common Questions

Research Logix is a Software as a Service (SAAS) platform that integrates several tools to assist in the management of data collection and curation for administrative, analytical, and reporting purposes.

Research Logix is accessed as a web-based platform by assigned members of an account. Investigators are able to be added to an account which controls importing of research related data including publications, funding, biosketches/cv’s. Direct access is given to investigators to secured portals to record information related to their research career, utilization of institutional resources, and more.

Accounts are established and are renewed on an annual basis for continued access.

Our top priority  is to get your administration up and running in the shorted time possible. We will work carefully with you to migrate your data from your existing system to be used within Research Logix.

During the on-boarding process, we will work with you and your administration in planning a successful rollout to your organization. In this phase, we will also work to identify new ways that Research Logix may be used to assist you in day to day workflows and processes
Research Logix is offered as an annual subscription. Please schedule a discussion
with us so we can provide you an estimate of cost for your organization. Cost of the system is determined by the size of the organization, number of members, and needs for integration.
Research Logix does have the capability for customization. We have included necessary tools and standard reporting to get you started – right out of the box. If there is a report or business procedure that you would like to have included in your administrative account, please let us know.
We do have a growing API that has successfully been used to integrate data into external systems.

For nearly 20 years, Adminformatics has served a broad range of administrations in the areas of research administration, cancer research, healthcare, education, and non-profit organizations. Whatever your business, we are in the business to keep your operations running smoothly in form of enterprise and custom web-based solutions for administrations of all kinds.

Research Logix was built as a solution to assist with the complexities of maintaining researcher profiles and cataloging the important work and accomplishments during their careers. Very often organizations are tasked with providing these outcomes in various formats which can be cumbersome and painstaking. Taking what was learned in working with several organizations, and meeting the day-to-day needs of data capture and reporting, Research Logix  was developed to provide a single solution to not only maintain data, but also to provide “best practices” to optimize your administration’s time and efficiency.

At Adminformatics, we are dedicated to providing organizations top notch service that is unparalleled in our industry. We look forward to serving you and your organization through the Research Logix platform.

Jeremy Gregory

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