We experienced huge strides in our offerings in the Research Logix platform this past year. We have also grown in our community of users. This next year, we are going to target specific areas of our platform and our business to better serve our clients. We have targeted a few areas for improvement and would like to give our clients a preview as to what is coming in 2021 and going forward.


Best Practices Meetings


As Research Logix is growing, we have an incredible need to begin standardizing our procedures and development processes. In order for us to provide the best features and content, we are going to begin our “Research Logix Best Practices” quarterly meetings.


These meetings will consist of:

·      Discussions of existing features and how they are integrated into existing client business processes

·      Involvement of existing clients in identifying new areas where Research Logix tools may be used. This will include ideas of new development to be added to the Research Logix platform.

·      Community of users to define Best Practices in the utilization of Research Logix


Information received as a result of these meetings will provide our developers the opportunity to target areas of improvement, so that our clients are better equipped to meet their administrative objectives.



Official Documentation for Research Logix


A lot of time has been spent in the development of Research Logix. Now that utilities have been developed and deployed to the masses, the team will start to wind down rapid development of features and focus on documentation.


This documentation will focus on help guides delivered via an official Help Portal. The Help Portal will provide a quick and easy reference for users for the various components of Research Logix. We hope to also include interactive guides such as video tutorials and visual aids.



Research Logix Newsletter & Blog


We have officially launched our Research Logix blog (http://www.researchlogix.io/blog). This blog will provide a resource to our existing and potential clients as a way to document issues related to:


·      Newly Released Features

·      Upcoming Features

·      New Client Onboarding Announcements

·      Various Media Blasts

·      Areas of Interest for Research Administration



New Tools Coming in 2021


We have earmarked a few areas of development for 2021. These tools include:


·      Enhancements to our Trainee Progress Solicitations

·      CV Generator

·      Importing Wizards

·      Enhancements to RLOGX Profile




We are looking forward to working with you all in the upcoming new year.


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