2020 wasn’t ENTIRELY BAD. This year has brought a lot of new innovation and tools to the Research Logix platform. We wanted to showcase some of the new utilities that have been developed to assist in your administrative needs.

Training Program Database

With the requirements for the PHS Research Plan (Cancer Research Training and Education Coordination) section, it was essential to create a utility that could assist administrations in the collection of information regarding Trainees within the Cancer Center.


The Training Database is a growing utility that allows identified Training Programs to be managed. This utility manages program cohorts and associations of Trainees and Mentors that were trained within the time period. Using an integrated solicitation tool, administrations will be able to send out notifications to current and past trainees to obtain a virtual progress report on their research career. The interface will allow users to enter information such as additional education, publications, honors & awards, and more which will become available to the reporting platform.


As a value-add and to encourage regular updates, trainees have the opportunity to maintain their personal biosketches and CV’s using the EDGE module. This will allow administrations that are linked to their profile to extract vital information to the progression of their research careers.

Funding Workspace - Quick Edit

Modifications to the Funding Workspace have been made to increase efficiency. The new Quick Edit tool allows administrations to quickly manage newly imported funding information. Instead of navigating to individual projects, the interface allows inline editing so that changes can quickly be made and pushed to the reporting status of Research Logix.

A special acknowledgement goes to University of Maryland Greenbaum Cancer Center administration for their involvement of requesting and piloting this feature to be included in the Research Logix platform.

Data Dumps & Exporting Tools

Several enhancements have been made to the various data dumps of information across the platform – mainly in the areas of Publications and Funding. The data table structure has been modified to quickly select column values. One click exporting has been included to quickly convert the readonly table into a CSV for additional analysis needs.

Publications - Data Dictionary Reporting

Several account holders had requested reporting on publications to easily identify Cancer-Related topics. Hillman Cancer Center Administration provided an initial listing of cancer-relevant terms, which we were able to convert into a data dictionary to provide a simple utility to identify cancer relevance. We decided to enhance this utility to include user customized data dictionaries so that account holders could extend the algorithm to additional terms.

To take advantage of this feature, you may access it from Account Settings > Manage Publication Terms. From here, you may add a new dictionary and manage terms associated with the collection.

Once a dictionary has been added, it will become available in the Reports > Custom Reports > Term-Relevant Pubs reports. Output will be returned as the CCSG Publication Report.

Report Card Metrics Update

Since our account holders like to see information split in a variety of ways, there have been modifications to the Report Cards Feature ( Reports > Report Cards ). This report has been equipped with additional filters to drill into membership types. Direct Cost Dollar amounts have been provided for the primary Peer Review Type categories and project numbers included for the respective peer review buckets.

We hope that these new features will help your administration. We will keep you informed of new updates and features as they are released.

Thank You!


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